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I had a conversation with someone who couldn’t understand why I do what I do. Why I help so many people, for free. Why I put so much time into cultivating relationships with and spaces for people I’ve never met to be positive, encouraging and inspiring to one another. I told him he didn’t need to understand it. That it was my journey, not his.

If you ever find yourself in a similar position, I share with you these words of wisdom from one of my favorite people, Brené Brown. And please, never let anybody’s inability to see your worth define you. Ever. love, b

Photo: Stephanie Sterjovski  


Sunday Night Prep

My son and I are spending some time this evening getting ready to start our Monday with a bang!  Thought I’d share in case anyone would like to join us! Whatever you do to set yourself up for success this week,...

Hello November

Hello November! I love this time of year!! I love the holidays, family time and so many things to look forward to with the New Year just around the corner! I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful...

Start Somewhere

Good Morning!! I want to start your day with an encouraging thought. I’d like you to think of something you would like to do. Maybe you’d like to lose weight, stop smoking, get out of debt, better a relationship, go back...