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Bikini With A Martini

berta lippert

Bikini With A Martini

Posted by b in BLOG, breast cancer, dobch, grief, Inspiration, loss, mom 05 May 2010

berta lippert
Yesterday I shared with you a memory from my mom’s final chemo treatment. That morning I had decided to surprise her with a manicure while she was receiving it.

berta lippert
I proudly displayed my little Essie Nail Polish pack that contained one red and three shades of pink polish and asked her to pick one. She immediately chose “Bikini With A Martini”.

While the shade was very much her, I’m quite certain my mother had never donned a bikini nor held a martini so the name made me giggle. The others were “Pink is the Link”, “Pink Ribbon” and “Turning Heads Red”.

berta lippertEssie Bikini With A Martini Nail Polish

My Dad wasn’t so sure it was a good idea but I asked anyone if it would bother them and they said no so we went full steam ahead!

I delicately held her tiny bruised hand while I tried my best to perfectly paint each nail. The IVs had not been kind to her and one she had in her left hand left a terrible bruise for weeks. It looked awfully painful but in typical fashion, Mom never once complained about it.

Meanwhile, she sat waiting patiently as I happily painted her nails. I’m fairly certain she could not care less if her nails were painted or not. She rarely had painted nails. I think she just saw it as an opportunity to make me happy and it did.

I had no idea at the time that only 8 days later, I would once again hold that tiny bruised hand with the now delicately painted pink nails in mine as she ended this journey and made her way on to the next.

I know in heaven she is no longer sick. I know she has a full head of hair, is happy, healthy and full of life.

I’d also like to believe that she is picking flowers, petting dogs, making memories and holding on to Jesus with her tiny, no longer bruised hand with delicately painted pink nails.

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