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Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

berta lippert

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration 24 Sep 2013

berta lippert

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I can eat an entire family size Papa Murphy’s Gourmet Chicken Garlic Pizza all by myself. But I don’t. Very often.

2. My worst fear is being alone. In a room. With a spider. And no vacuum.

3. I’m still confused when to use affect or effect. I have to Wikipedia it. Every, single, time.

4. I sing. All the time. In the car. At red lights. To the car next to me.

5. And lastly, I have foobs. That’s what us mastectomy gals call our reconstructed breasts. I know a lot of gals are afraid to admit that they’ve had reconstructed breast surgery, but there’s really nothing wrong with wanting to improve shape or size. Whether they are created by prosthesis, implants, DIEP, TRAM, or Latissimus dorsi flap, they are not real. So we call them foobs. As in fake boobs. But if you’re dumb enough to say we got a boob job; we will punch you. In your face. Hard.

So there you have it! Five things you didn’t know about me. But don’t worry. You guys know I wouldn’t really punch you if you said I got a boob job. This is just my little segue into launching my new website which will have a lot more detail on item #5.

My new site is pretty much ready to go. Next month I’ll migrate content over from my other site regarding my double mastectomy and reconstruction. What no-one knew outside of my father is I had a site I ran anonymously the past few years sharing incredibly intimate details of my medical journey and the grief I battled after losing my mom to cancer. It ended up helping a lot of other women and even their significant others. I had no idea the impact it would have. I’m so grateful and I’m now going public.

My intent for this page is to simply share a daily dose of inspiration, motivation and love to help anyone live a healthy, happy, meaningful life!

That will be a focus of my new website as well. In addition, I’ll have a section dedicated to various resources and I’ll be sharing all I can to help others with their breast cancer diagnosis or genetic risk like me. I’ll put a link to it on this page very soon!

Have a great day everyone!

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