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Smile – Inspirational Challenge

berta lippert

Smile – Inspirational Challenge

Posted by b in BLOG, Happiness, Inspiration 28 Oct 2013

berta lippert

Today is our last ‘Inspirational Challenge’ as part of the ‘Power in Pink’ Challenge celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You guys have done great!

We end the ‘Inspirational Challenges’ with an incredibly simple, yet powerful one.


Today’s challenge is to simply smile at someone. It may be the only one they receive all day. So make a difference in someone’s day, be kind and SMILE. 

To take part in the challenge, like this post so I know you’re committed to showing kindness to others with your smile today. And for bonus points, smile virtually at me and everyone else in the comments!

Have a great day B’s Knees! 

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