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Think Pink & Dance for J


Think Pink & Dance for J

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration 12 Nov 2013


Good morning everyone!

I’ve got a request to make this morning in honor of one of our own here in the B’s Knees Community who is battling cancer.

As you know, I do a lot of advocacy work and support people and their families with critical illness. It is a privilege to support them and I’m so blessed to be a part of their journey.

Last night while talking to one of these amazing people, I’ll refer to her as J, I wished her well and let her know I’d be thinking of her today as she undergoes her final surgery after battling breast cancer.

She mentioned a video I will link to in the comments about a woman and her surgical team who danced before her double mastectomy in the operating room. She then asked if I would dance today to celebrate along with her friends and family.

So I set my alarm early to get up and dance in celebration of J! What a remarkable woman to be so positive and uplifting during such a difficult time.

When she’s feeling better and able to check in here, I would love for her to see this post and know all of us are rallying around her.

So I’m asking you to adopt the same positive attitude as J and get up and dance!!

Dance in celebration of J. Dance in celebration of your own health. Dance in celebration of your children’s health. Dance for all of those who can not.

Like this post to let J know her positivity had you dancing for her and every brave person just like her. 

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