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9 Things About Me & Tag You’re It

Berta Lippert

9 Things About Me & Tag You’re It

Posted by b in BLOG, Happiness, Inspiration 15 Nov 2013

Berta Lippert

1. I go to the gym and lift weights nearly every day yet somehow manage not to litter my Facebook page with half naked pictures of myself saying “Like A Boss”.

2. I am constantly researching and reading. I am a non-fiction junkie.

3. My puppy Harley talks in his sleep. So does his two legged brother. Me? Not so much.

4. I watch Joel Osteen every Sunday morning. Twice.

5. I have driven the same car for the last 13 years. The one before that, 10 years. I am my father’s daughter.

6. I have my mother’s tiny bone structure paired with my father’s height and little feet. I can (and do) wear a size 4 children’s shoe.

7. One of my big brothers and I are the same age for one week every year.

8. Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s are like crack to me. And they are in stores now. Lawd help me!

9. I am a geek. And not just the pretend kind. This page is filled with my fellow high tech, Silicon Valley peeps!

Now everyone it’s you’re turn!! I’m tagging you!

List 9 things about yourself and tag me Berta Lippert in your post so I can learn about you!

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  • Brian November 16, 2013 at 2:24 pm / Reply

    Love Jo-Jos! Rooting for your son today. Must be having the best day. Good luck!

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