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Root For The Rails

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Root For The Rails

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration 16 Nov 2013

pavle lippert


Remember this inspirational story I shared with you about a boy’s dream to play football that wasn’t stopped by his cerebral palsy?

Well that boy just happens to be my son. He is also the manager for the varsity football team.

The Proctor Rails are at this very moment on the way to the Minnesota Viking’s Metrodome to play in the state semi-finals today. This proud mom will be there to cheer them on.

And can I just say that I am just as proud to respond “He’s the one with all the Gatorade bottles!” when asked what number my son is as the star athlete’s parents are. I love my son and get so excited when I get to see him run on the field to take care of his team. :)

This post is dedicated to these boys of fall, The Proctor Rails, and Coach Parendo that took my son in two years ago when he was really struggling trying to get his body to do what the other kids were capable of doing. They rallied around him, cheered him on and have truly made him a part of their team. Thank you gentlemen!

Please join me in rooting for the Rails today! Send all your good mojo to them at 2pm CST time! :)

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