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Thanksgiving Struggles


Thanksgiving Struggles

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration 26 Nov 2013



I spent my morning in tears. Again.

Thanksgiving is the time of year I struggle the most with the loss of my mom. I keep thinking each year it’ll get easier but just before Thanksgiving, I fall apart again.

Well, I said this year I was ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. Not just survive it, but celebrate it. So I am declaring right now that I vow to snap out of it, focus on gratitude and celebrate Thanksgiving. I know that’s what my mom would want.

And in the spirit of that declaration, I’m sharing a little text exchange that took place between my brother and I last night when I asked him what we were doing Thursday. I don’t care if I really am eating grilled cheese sandwiches on Thanksgiving. If I am eating them along side my brother, father and son, I will be the luckiest girl alive.

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