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Inspirational Challenge – Hello December


Inspirational Challenge – Hello December

Posted by b in BLOG, Happiness, Inspiration 01 Dec 2013



Hello December!

Isn’t this time of year beautiful? In the spirit of that, I have a beautiful ‘Inspirational Challenge’ for you to kick off December!

Today’s ‘Inspirational Challenge’ is to help someone who otherwise wouldn’t have beautiful decorations gracing their homes this holiday season without a little help from you!

There are a ton of ways you could do this but here are 3 ideas to get you started.

1. Donate your time to help someone put up their own decorations who might not be able to physically do it themselves. This won’t cost you a thing and will brighten not only that person’s day because they get to visit with you, but their whole holiday season looking at the cherished memories you’ve helped them display!

2. Hang a wreath on someone’s door. There are a lot of charities that sell wreaths this time of year. Pick one that is important to you so you can not only support your favorite charity, but also help someone celebrate the season with your thoughtful gift!

3. Buy a miniature live tree or other suitable decoration for the college student or elderly friend or family member who lives in a small space. It will be that special little something they can look at every day to celebrate the season and feel loved knowing you were thinking of them!

This will be a wonderful thing to do for someone and it’s guaranteed to make your day brighter too! Happy Decorating!!

love, b

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