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I Can Because I Think I Can

berta lippert

I Can Because I Think I Can

Posted by b in BLOG, Happiness, Healthy Lifestyle, Inspiration 09 Jan 2014



berta lippert

We’re in our second week of 2014! Yay! I’m just as optimistic as I was a week ago about everything this year has in store for me! 

Truth be told I messed up within my first four days on one of my goals. Dang. But you know what? Who cares?!Because I rocked every other day. And I choose to celebrate those days instead.

We’re going to mess up and that’s okay. What matters most is that we don’t give up. Ever. Celebrate your small successes along the way. Because a small step in the right direction every day, equals a HUGE accomplishment in the end.

Keep positive B’s Knees! You’ve got this!

love, b

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