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Be Open To Change

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration, Inspiration & Happiness 16 Jul 2014


Change is hard. And it can be scary and filled with uncertainty. But it can also be an adventure with the promise of a better life. It’s all in how you look at it. How you approach it. Sometimes change is of our own volition, sometimes we’re not given a choice. Either way, how we approach it will make an enormous difference to the overall effect it has on us.

Helping people institute change is what I do. I’m also doing it in my own life. If you’re trying to make changes or deal with change that’s simply inevitable, try to be open to it and you’ll have a completely different experience than if you resist it at every turn. Be curious. Be excited. Be brave. Ask yourself how this change can be good and make a positive impact in your life. Wonder about the possibilities and opportunities this change could bring. Don’t let your fear and self-doubt keep you stuck. Get out there and embrace the change! See what happens! It just might surprise you.

For a great resource on instituting change in your own life, check out my post from last night (An A-Mazing Way To Deal With Change) if you haven’t already done so. I shared an iconic resource that has helped many people look at change in a completely new light. You can see the post here.

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