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Destination Angel: Inspirational Challenge

Posted by b in BLOG, Purpose & Meaning 02 Mar 2015


Happy Monday Angels!

My Dad was the inspiration for this week’s Inspirational Challenge. Ever since my Mom passed away, he tends to make the same few meals day after day. One of the things I love to do for him is bring food and cook some of his favorite dishes. My Dad is incredibly stoic. So it’s really fun to see him get excited at whatever it is I brought over that day. I think I get more out of the meal than he does. It completely warms my heart to know he had a good meal. 

I thought this would be a perfect Inspirational Challenge! Who do you know that could use a good meal? A single parent who never gets a night off? A college kid with home cooked meals few and far between? Someone battling an illness? A senior living on their own? That special someone you’d love to surprise just because? Maybe even you?

Let’s get cooking this week and prepare a meal for someone full of love!! Have a great week Angels! love, b

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