A tool you can use to accomplish any goal. - Berta Lippert

A tool you can use to accomplish any goal.

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration & Happiness 19 Mar 2015


Here’s a tool you can use to accomplish any goal. And a little ‪#‎TBT‬. :)

The blonde standing at the podium addressing the California State Legislature is me. This was in 2004. There was a section of law being proposed that I knew could cause people to be hurt or even killed. So I prepared verbal and written testimony, mustered up the courage and hopped a plane to stand up for all of those in harm’s way.

I was the last person to speak and growing more nervous by the minute. Questions by the governing body were being thrown at those who stood before me, but left unanswered. Questions that asked for solutions and alternatives to what was being proposed.

When it was my turn, I steadily delivered what I had prepared. And much to their surprise, I asked to answer the questions they had asked of others that were left unanswered. I remember how the only other woman you see in the picture smiled brightly when I started rattling off answers and solutions. It was as if she was giving me a high five and shouting ‪#‎girlboss‬ in code. :)

I’m proud to inform you they took my suggestions and the law was changed. It was truly a defining moment not only in my career, but in my life. One that I use to this day. When doubts and fears start to creep in, I remember this moment. It gives me strength and confidence to keep moving. It reminds me how my actions can change lives.

I encourage you to do the same. Think of a time when you were really proud. When you accomplished something you didn’t think you could do. When you made a difference. When you made history. Recall that moment when you need strength. Let those feelings permeate every ounce of your being and keep moving forward. Because I know with certainty, that whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, YOU’VE GOT THIS! You’ve done it before, and you’ll do it again! love, b

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