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meant to be berta lippert

Meant To Be

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration, Inspiration & Happiness 01 Apr 2015

meant to be berta lippert

I really believe this. There are times I may not have understood the direction my life was taking. But clarity seems to come in time. I remember this sense of clarity very strongly when adopting my son.

I stood alone in a court room asking a judge to allow me to become his Mom. Although already approved by all previous channels, it came down to her decision. I was pummeled with questions and had an answer for every single one of them. Then she fired one last question.


Gulp! I didn’t see that one coming.

Nonetheless, the answer to that question asked of me a hundred times before had never been more clear. I told her I felt someone much bigger than me had a hand in it. That had my life not unfolded exactly how it did, I wouldn’t be standing in front of her today asking to be the Mom of the most amazing, little seven-year-old boy I had ever met.

It all made sense. My son and I are where we were meant to be. A family.

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