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Destination Angel: Inspirational Challenge – Operation Self-Care

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration & Happiness, Operation Self-Care 20 Apr 2015


Happy Monday Angels!

I’m turning the tables on today’s Inspirational Challenge! Our wonderful community here at Destination Angel is made up of you fine people happily doing things for others. Which is WONDERFUL! But I also want to be sure you’re taking care of yourself too. So this week’s Inspirational Challenge is Operation Self-Care! I want you to find at least one thing you can do this week to take better care of YOU! Click Here for the section on my site filled with ideas if you need some!

I know it can seem selfish. I struggle with that too. But we really need to realize that taking care of ourself is not selfish. It’s not self indulgent. It’s essential for our health and well-being.  So PLEASE, give yourself permission to take care of YOU!

Soooo……are you in? You do a lot for others.  Are you willing to do at least one thing for you? I sure hope so because I absolutely adore all of you and would LOVE for you to exercise a little self-care this week. You deserve it! love, b

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