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What inspired you today?

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration & Happiness 14 May 2015


Before I wrap up work for the day, I wanted to extend an invitation for you to join me in one of my favorite ways to wind down my day.

I like to ask myself questions to be sure I remember the good parts of my day. It’s too easy for these wonderful moments to be forgotten if we focus on the bad. So I make a conscious choice to focus on the good! :)

Care to join me?

If so, feel free to answer any or all of the following questions. You can share them publicly if you’d like in the comments, privately, or maybe even ask your loved ones around the dinner table tonight! It’s a great way to end your day. Promise! :)

#1 What moved you today?

#2 What inspired you today?

#3 What made you smile?

Have a great night Angels!

love, b

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