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A Perfect Way To Reduce Stress

Posted by b in BLOG, Health & Wellness 14 Oct 2015


Wellness Wednesday: A Perfect Way To Reduce Stress & Free Download

If you’d like to reduce stress, then this 4 minute video is for you. It’s a video I filmed for my VIPs early in the year that I was reminded of when I filmed my video for you last week, ‘How To Quiet Your Mind So You Can Sleep”. This video will compliment that one perfectly!

In the video, I share a technique created by Dr. Rachel Remen that is so simple, but very effective in reducing stress. I was so inspired by this exercise that I created a free download for you so you can take it with you everywhere! 

VIP Wallpaper

Click Here to download &/or save this wallpaper for your phone.

I hope you’re all having a great day!

love, b

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