Which Generation Are You?


My son and I spent time with my Dad this past weekend on Valentine’s Day. I made us all lunch, and we had a great time visiting. My Dad often shares stories of his youth with my son. I love when he does this because he absolutely lights up sharing those memories. Watching the two together got me thinking of the differences in our generations and how they influence our relationships today. My father is a Traditionalist, my son a 2020’er, and I’m right in the middle, Generation X, sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Millennials.

While I think it’s interesting to look at the events that defined a generation, I don’t necessarily buy into the stereotypes associated with each. I do however look at charts like this one from UNC and wonder what it might be like to have been born in a different generation. It helps me have compassion and an appreciation for all of us, especially if we see things differently. Because how we see the world is shaped by our experiences. This can help us appreciate those differences.

So how about you? I have a hunch which generation dominates our community here, but if you wouldn’t mind sharing, let me know which generation you are! :)

love your GEN X’er, b

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