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Lights On For Ricky

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  Our lights are on for Ricky. May you rest in peace sweet boy. Everyone, please turn your lights on for Ricky tonight. And hug your little ones extra tight this evening.

The Not Dying Girl – Lauren McCullough

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  Let me introduce you to Lauren McCullough, otherwise known as The Not Dying Girl. Lauren is unsure about seeing her 22nd birthday due to a rare form of cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma. Lauren is an incredible athlete who also happens to be a talented writer sharing every step...

Disney Frozen ‘Let It Go’ Movie Clip

Posted by b in BLOG, Happiness, Inspiration The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway I went to see Disney's Frozen with my fambam yesterday. While everyone enjoyed the movie, my favorite four year old and I were absolutely enamored with Disney's dual princesses of Frozen. We danced and sang and cheered and cried all...

Forever Mommy

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  My son is patiently waiting while I finish work before we go to a movie and have fun. I looked over and saw him reading. About barnacles and other crustaceans. LOL My goodness you would think we share DNA huh?  I will forever be grateful for the...