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iHeart Organizing

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  It's hard to beat the feeling I have when I'm organized and everything is where it should be. I'm much more productive and efficient and it just makes me happy! I thought maybe it would make you happy too! And that's what this page is all...

3 Bean Turkey Chili Recipe

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This is my favorite chili recipe. It's a 3 Bean Turkey Chili slow cooker recipe. Now before you get all cross-eyed wondering if I really meant to put in garbanzo beans, yes I did thankyouverymuch. I do like my chickpeas.  Give it a try! It is delicious and there...

Root For The Rails

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  Remember this inspirational story I shared with you about a boy's dream to play football that wasn't stopped by his cerebral palsy? Well that boy just happens to be my son. He is also the manager for the varsity football team. The Proctor Rails are at this...