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Healthy Staples Grocery List

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  Click Here to download my Healthy Staples Grocery List! Here's my staples recipe shared in the video. Fire Roasted Tomato Beans & Rice Serves 4 - 1 Cup Servings Ingredients: 1 can low sodium fire roasted tomatoes 1 can low sodium garbanzo beans 1 can low sodium chicken broth 1 cup dry brown...

GameDay BBQ Chicken Pizza

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CLICK HERE to see my segment this morning for Football Friday! We made a delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza for gameday! Recipe below. My son was also able to join us to represent all of the local area football players too. :) Enjoy! Ingredients: 12" whole grain thin pizza crust 1...

Segment Prep :)

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Decorations for set ✔ Football (pink of course :)) ✔ John Randle (my favorite NFL player ever!!) Jersey ✔ Ingredients to show my awesome community Destination Angel how to make a delicious game day treat ✔ Let's do this!! Join me tomorrow live in the 6...

Gratitude Challenge

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Good Morning Angels! I had the pleasure of attending a webinar this morning delivered by two brilliant women from Mayo Clinic. We discussed the extensive research showing the many health benefits of gratitude. Yup gratitude! The simple act of being grateful has proven to decrease anxiety...


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I've posted in the past about my mastectomy scars. Sometimes when I see them, I wish I didn't have them. Most of the time I really don't notice them. But every time, they make me feel like a warrior. My scars aren't who I am. They're...