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Sinless Chocolate Desserts

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  Got a sweet tooth? Me too! Lucky for us SELF Magazine has a collection of 'Sinless Chocolate Desserts' all around 300 calories or less. This is the one I'm going to try first and thought some of you may want to try it with me! I'll link to...

3 Bean Turkey Chili Recipe

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This is my favorite chili recipe. It's a 3 Bean Turkey Chili slow cooker recipe. Now before you get all cross-eyed wondering if I really meant to put in garbanzo beans, yes I did thankyouverymuch. I do like my chickpeas.  Give it a try! It is delicious and there...

Kale Salad

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I just had a gigantic plate of my favorite Kale Salad. It is so good! I thought I'd share the recipe in case any of you would like to try it.  Ingredients & instructions: 5-6 cups kale, washed and cut into thin strips 1/2 cup dried unsweetened cranberries 1/2 cup...

Cook Once, Eat For The Week

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'Cook Once, Eat For The Week' Helping you lead a healthy, happy life is the goal of this page. So today I bring you a post about making it easier to eat healthy. The following was in my Women's Health Magazine a while ago and is in...