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How I Reduce Stress In 10 Minutes

Like many others, I’m still deeply affected by the tragic shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night, and quite frankly, many other terrible things going on in the world. When I see the faces of the 59 lost in Las Vegas, the people struggling with complete loss after natural disasters, and many other events devastating people’s …

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My Monday Morning

Happy Monday Angels! 👼 Here’s my Monday so far. 👏 I woke up early and did a little yoga and thought, I should share this yoga routine with you guys. 🔰 Then I read a bit of a book I’m enjoying and thought, I should tell you guys about this book in case some of …

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Burger Bash!

Join me Friday, May 22nd for a super fun Burger Bash with Maarja Anderson and Good Morning Northland on WDIO ! We’re grilling up some burgers and other yummy treats you’re sure to love! Be sure to tune in or watch us live on the web for a fun filled Friday to kick off your …

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Eat Healthy On A Budget!

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget & Recipe: Quinoa & Black Bean Wraps Watch my morning segment to learn how to Eat Healthy On A Budget! And here’s the recipe I shared this morning! Quinoa & Black Bean Wraps Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of olive oil 3/4 cup dry quinoa 1 1/2 cups of cooked …

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this girl can

This Girl Can

I LOVE THIS!!! Here are real women with class who are true inspirations!!


5 Reasons To Love Beets!

I’ve been cruising around Pinterest searching for new recipes to try using beets. If you don’t already include this beautiful superfood in your diet, here’s 5 reasons why you should! 

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Mindful Eating

Photo: Sara Wilkens & Cooking Light Do you reach for unhealthy foods when you’re feeling anxious, sad or stressed? If so, here’s a great resource to help you tackle those harmful cravings. You know I’m big on mindfulness. The following article shares how being mindful can help you understand why you reach for those foods, and …

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Wellness Wednesday: Yoga Demystified

Interested in yoga but confused by all of the different types available? No problem! Joanna Cantor has you covered! Take her quiz on Greatist to determine which style is perfect for you. You’ll soon be experiencing all of the benefits yoga has to offer! Which Style Of Yoga Is Best For You? Namaste! Photo: Greatist

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