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mayo clinic

Mayo Clinic

  Well, it’s official! I just paid my tuition to The Mayo School of Health Sciences! I’m so excited and grateful to be 1 of 100 people accepted into this program at the Mayo Clinic for 2014! You guys know why I’m here. My goal is to share resources, inspiration, motivation and love to help …

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berta lippert

I Can Because I Think I Can

    We’re in our second week of 2014! Yay! I’m just as optimistic as I was a week ago about everything this year has in store for me!  Truth be told I messed up within my first four days on one of my goals. Dang. But you know what? Who cares?!Because I rocked every …

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berta lippert

Happy New Year!

  Get ready for an incredible year B’s Knees! Together we’re going to reach our improbable dreams and achieve our most challenging goals. And I’ll be right here to help and celebrate you along the way. You ready? Let’s do this! love, b #2014 #happynewyear #dreams #goals #love #bertalippert

i am an optimist

I Am

  Yup! This is so me. And I know it describes a lot of you guys too!! Have a great day my fellow optimists, hopers and dreamers. love, b #hope #optimism #dreams #love #bertalippert

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