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good karma berta lippert

Good Karma Is In

  What a great day today! Wrapped up a fun shoot and learned that good prevailed over evil today for someone very important to me. I hope you all had an equally good day!  Good karma is in!!

christmas is love in action

Christmas Is Love In Action

  Merry Christmas everyone!! love, b  Photo: The lovely Erin Nicole. #christmas #love #family #bertalippert

love of family life's greatest blessing

The love of family is life’s greatest blessing.

  Today I’m thinking about my family. My Mom and others I’ve lost in heaven. My wonderful family here on earth. And all of you fine people too. I want you to know that just in case you feel alone, you’re not. You’re part of my family now.  #family #gratitude #love #bertalippert

be the reason someone smiles today

Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

  Happy Friday B’s Knees! I’m just down right giddy today. I don’t even have a specific reason why. I’m just happy.  So if you run across a grumpy, negative person today, don’t worry, because I cancel them out!!  Yup! I’m ‘that girl’! I either make you sick or make you smile because I’m happy! I hope …

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