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That Is Love

I’m guessing all of you amazing people on this page know this kind of love. I know I sure do and it is wonderful.  #love #happiness #family #friends


Really Good

  Things are about to get really good. love, b


State Of Gratitude

  Wow! You guys sure made me feel loved yesterday. Thank you so much!! There is no question why I think you’re all the B’s Knees! I’m committed to my state of gratitude I mentioned yesterday. Care to join me? What are you grateful for that begins with the letter B? #gratitude


Thanksgiving Struggles

  I spent my morning in tears. Again. Thanksgiving is the time of year I struggle the most with the loss of my mom. I keep thinking each year it’ll get easier but just before Thanksgiving, I fall apart again. Well, I said this year I was ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. Not just survive it, but …

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i heart desk

iHeart Organizing

  It’s hard to beat the feeling I have when I’m organized and everything is where it should be. I’m much more productive and efficient and it just makes me happy! I thought maybe it would make you happy too! And that’s what this page is all about! So I wanted to share my go-to resource …

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to love a person


  Do you know someone who has forgotten how amazing they are? Take the time right now to remind them.


See Yourself Through Other’s Eyes

My friends Deanna and Rene shared this with me yesterday. I knew immediately I wanted to share it with all of you. This is such a powerful message that I hope you take the 3 minutes to hear.

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