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winnie the pooh

Use Your Talents For Good

Anyone who knew my mom, knew she LOVED Winnie The Pooh. One day I went to visit my dad and found this little guy sitting in her spot on the couch. He now permanently resides there. Well I just read that Jim Cummings, voice of Winnie The Pooh, calls children in the hospital and talks …

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thank you

Thank You!!

  Oh my gosh thank you guys so much! I’m not able to tell who, but I know a couple of you have shared my page with others and I’ve already been in touch with two families that I can help by simply sharing what I know. And that is exactly what I’d hope for. I’ve …

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Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

  My friend Deanna sent me this quote and I immediately fell in love with it. How true is this?! “Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are” I’m guessing you are as amazing as your four legged friend thinks you are. Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. You are that person!

never give up

How To Never Give Up

If you have a goal that seems to be escaping you, DO NOT GIVE UP! It may appear you’ve tried to reach it more times than you can count. Well, try again. DO NOT GIVE UP! Here’s a short article by Stephen Guise that illustrates “How To Never Give Up“. Read it to learn who …

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football doesn't build character football reveals character

Football Doesn’t Build Character, It Reveals Character

  I’ve already expressed the love of football in my family. Big weekend for us with the much anticipated Hammer Game Friday, my alma mater The UMD Bulldogs winning their opener yesterday and today it’s all about the #Vikings! And my other favorite, the #49ers. Wheeee! So excited! Who are you rooting for today?

it's all heart

It’s All Heart

Whenever I face a challenge, I keep pushing and simply remember, it’s all heart. love, b

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