Welcome to Destination Angel!

Destination Angel is a community of amazing people just like you! We’re a community of over 5,000 people wanting to make a positive difference in this world. A positive difference in the lives of others. We’re made up of big hearted people from around the world, commonly seen by others as angels. If you’ve found your way to this page, we’re guessing you’re an angel too! Welcome! You have reached your destination!

Not sure you’re cut out to be an angel? Think again. Because being an angel isn’t about being perfect. It isn’t about recognition or glory. Being an angel is about helping people. It’s about helping others. And that’s what we’re all about here at Destination Angel. We see the good in others and support them every chance we get. We also complete inspirational challenges weekly to spread happiness, love, laughter and peace. And so can you!

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