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You Are Beautiful

Hi Everyone!! As you know I’m determined to finish strong in my studies at Mayo Clinic and I’m just about there!  I absolutely love what I’m studying, but I miss you guys!! So I wanted to pop in real quick to say hi with a friendly reminder that I think you are all beautiful, inside and out! love, …

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good day

You Had A Good Day

Just in case you don’t know, you all make my day better. So when you lay your head down tonight, know in your heart you had a good day. Sleep well.  love, b


Never be ashamed of a scar.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at my mastectomy scars……but most of the time they make me feel like a freaking warrior! Whatever physical or emotional scars you may have, I just wanted to remind you that you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. From one warrior to another, I love you guys!! love, …

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Prayers for Morgan

  There is a beautiful, courageous, young teen undergoing brain surgery today in her fight against cancer. This community is full of amazing people and I know we can reach out to Morgan and make a difference. Please send positive thoughts and prayers to Morgan and her friends and family in support. We’re all thinking …

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What You Want To Leave Behind

  Our legacy is what we leave behind. And what we want to leave behind, is people to remember us with love. love, b


Operation Self Care

I’m launching a new initiative on my site today called Operation Self Care and I’m really hoping you’ll join me! First off, please stop and think for a moment what it means to take care of yourself and how it would feel if you did. What would you be able to do if you were …

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