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My First Facebook Selfie!

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My First Facebook Selfie! During my meeting with my publicist yesterday she was on me to show my face more. First of all, can I just say the fact that I have a publicist is just about the coolest thing ever. But seriously, she's right. I do...

White Chicken Chili

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  White Chicken Chili This recipe is perfect for gameday! I made it last Sunday to eat during the football games. It turned out great! Much better than the outcome of the Vikings vs Lions game. Oh well, what can you do?  Still love you Vikings! We're on a...

Easy Green Drink!

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I love green drinks. They're an easy way to get multiple servings of fruits and vegetables. The web is full of fantastic recipes but here is my go to green drink. 2 Oranges 1 Banana 1 Handful of Kale 1 Handful of Spinach Add water, almond milk or coconut water...