beautiful happy berta lippert

There’s so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration & Happiness, Purpose & Meaning 06 Sep 2015

beautiful happy berta lippert

Happy Sunday Angels!

I wasn’t sleeping well last night, so around 2:30am I got up, and as quietly as I could, proceeded to make apple cinnamon steel cut oats in my slow cooker so my son could wake up to the house smelling amazing. It made me happy to think of him starting his day that way.  :)

I then decided to watch a really old Dolly Parton Christmas movie on Hulu. That made me happy too. Yup, I’m ‘that’ girl. I haven’t had cable for years, but when I did, it was only for the Hallmark Channel. And football. Yup, I’m ‘that’ girl too.  :)

And around 5am, I caught a glimpse of myself in my beloved pink sweatpants with my hair all crazy and just giggled. I could not have looked more ridiculous, but I also could not have cared less. And that made me happy too.  :)

I’m so grateful such simple things make me happy. Cooking for people I love, old movies and comfy clothes. I hope you find many reasons to be happy today too.  :)

love, b

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