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Top It Off Tuesday – Infused Water



Top It Off Tuesday With Infused Water!

We all know how important it is to keep hydrated and drink enough water. It can be hard to do this on a daily basis. Especially in winter. And especially if you live in Minnie in the winter! 

One way I’ve found to make it easier is to jazz up my water a bit with infused water recipes shown here. I wanted to share this with you because as you know, I’m here to do all I can to help you be healthy and happy! If you try one of these recipes or have one of your own, be sure to let me know! 

Happy Top It Off Tuesday!  love, b

Photo & Recipes:

To make any of these recipes, all you have to do is slice the fruit you want to use and drop them into your water. You can start drinking it right away, but you might not notice the flavors until it infuses for a few hours (four hours achieves the most potent flavor). I like to let my waters sit overnight in the fridge, and if I’m using a recipe that calls for lemon I will squeeze half a lemon straight into the water for a little detox boost.

As long as you keep your water refrigerated, the fruit should stay fresh. If you are filling your pitcher with water throughout the week, keep in mind that it will dilute the flavor each time you refill. I would recommend drinking your water within 3-5 days and making a new batch once you notice that fruit has started to soften or turn your water cloudy.infused water

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