📚 Philosophy is one domain I use to help people transform their lives. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle (Plato’s most famous student) are three great philosophers you’ve likely heard of. Today is all about Aristotle, whoop, whoop! 🙌🙌🙌

❓🤔❓You might be asking, “How can some Greek dude named Aristotle (aka, Stagirite if you’re tight!) born in 384 BC help me transform my life?”.

〰️ Or, you may have just swiped right by my post so you aren’t asking yourself that question at all! 🤣

Meh, ya can’t win ‘em all. 🤷‍♀️

Anyhoo, it’s easy! Well easy if you have a geek, not Greek, friend like me to tell you how! 🤓💗

👓 You see, Aristotle made significant contributions in numerous disciplines including biology, medicine, mathematics, physics, ethics, and logic. My area of interest in Aristotle’s work is largely in the field of Positive Psychology, another domain I use to help people. 🌺

Aristotle was a pioneer in the now popular practice of gratitude, positive experiences, and happiness. His study of ethics, living the good life, and concept of eudaimonia is arguably his most famous. 🌟

▪️Eudaimonia has numerous translations, but the easiest and most commonly used today is “happiness”. But it goes a little deeper than that, and more closely relates to flourishing, or living a life worthwhile. It’s a state of being, and a valuable tool I use when helping someone live a life with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.✨✨

I encourage you to learn more about Aristotle and eudaimonia. Because what I know is this —> it doesn’t really matter if you disagree with, dismiss, question, or deride his theories. His work will cause you to think about and create your own life philosophy, and that my friend, is worthwhile and leads to eudaimonia.😊

love, b 💗

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