Destination Angel: Inspirational Challenge

Posted by b in BLOG, Inspiration & Happiness 21 Jan 2015

If you love kids, and have a quarter and some tape, you’re going to love this week’s Inspirational Challenge! If you’d like to partake in the challenge, your assignment is to tape a quarter to a toy machine for a child to find and brighten their day! :)

Last week before my son and I got groceries, I told him I wanted to tape quarters to the toy machines inside the store. When I started happily taping quarters to the machines, my son stood off to the side. He was embarrassed. He was embarrassed because other people were looking, pointing and asking what on earth I was doing. A woman approached me and asked, and everyone listened as I replied. I told her I wanted to help a child smile today. I told her about our wonderful community, Destination Angel, and how we love to do things that make a difference in the lives of others. Even small things like this. She loved the idea! And our community!

My son and I went on to do our shopping, but when we left, the coolest thing happened. We happened to be leaving the exact time a little boy noticed some of the quarters we placed on the machines, and he was trying to tell his mom about them. She thought he was asking for quarters and simply had none to give him. I discreetly told her what we had done and that there were four quarters just waiting to be used. She absolutely lit up and helped her little boy excitedly use the quarters for some stickers. She went on to tell me how good of a boy he was and what a wonderful helper he was. Money was tight, and even small change to someone else, wasn’t something she could offer her son. I said if anyone deserved those quarters, it sounded like her son.

My son and I then got in our car to leave. He looked at me and said “I get it now Mom. That felt really good to see how excited the little boy was.”. I smiled and we talked about the woman’s situation and how our small act of kindness made a difference in their day. And, in ours. Later, I noticed quarters lined up on my son’s dresser, ready to be taped to a toy machine. :) Our kids are watching Angels. They follow our lead. Thank you for being you and the wonderful role models you are! love, b

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