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Disney Frozen ‘Let It Go’ Movie Clip


The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

I went to see Disney’s Frozen with my fambam yesterday. While everyone enjoyed the movie, my favorite four year old and I were absolutely enamored with Disney’s dual princesses of Frozen. We danced and sang and cheered and cried all throughout the movie. Okay, I’m the only one who cried, but still. It was fantastic!

We left the theater and I was promptly deemed Princess Elsa by my four year old sidekick and she deemed herself Princess Anna. We could not be happier in our new roles complete with matching Frozen heart necklaces, pillows and the deluxe version of the soundtrack that I downloaded immediately!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of Disney animated movies. I’ve collected the entire series that all started when my parents gave me Bambi as a little girl.

I don’t care how old you are, Disney princesses rock! While Belle and Ariel have occupied my top spots forever, Princess Elsa of Disney’s Frozen has now taken over. She is amazing!!

I love the message of this movie for all the little ones and adults alike who watch it. Princess Elsa wrestles with feeling different and misunderstood. She tries for a very long time to be noble and hide her differences. But she learns to accept herself and love herself for who she is and that’s promptly followed by others doing the same. This story of family, acceptance, courage and love is a must see!

And Disney has simply outdone themselves when it comes to the music. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Here’s the song I cried to. I’m a weenie. What can I say? Other than go see this movie if you haven’t already!! :)

Enjoy the clip!

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