Giving Back With My New Website!

berta lippert

Giving Back With My New Website!

Posted by b in BLOG, Happiness, Inspiration 20 Jan 2014


berta lippert

Happy Monday B’s Knees!

I mentioned last week I had exciting news to share. Those who regularly visit my site have already had a sneak peek. But for most of you, this will be your first glimpse of my all new website!

I’m so excited to share this because my site is all about YOU! I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to accomplish some goals that would enable me to help even more people. With my new site, I’ll be able to do just that.

When I wrote my business plan, I knew I wanted to maintain all of the advocacy work I had been secretly doing for years. It became clear I could help even more people if I went public with my identity and dedicated my professional life to this work along with the speaking and training I’d been doing.

In addition to offering life and wellness coaching, I still wanted to help people who needed me as an advocate, but also help people who weren’t in a position to hire me as a coach.

I have two other goals near completion to help me accomplish that, and my new website was the third. I’ll continue to share free resources to live a happy, healthy, meaningful life, but if you look closely, you’ll see I’ve added even more! A members only area!

I’m so excited to start a community on my site to help people. You’ll be able to register and become members of various groups to help you achieve your goals! I’ve also created a private group for the women I support going through mastectomies and reconstruction to have a more private space to ask questions and share experiences. And this is all FREE!!

Now I’m like you. I need income coming in to raise my son and pay the bills. So there are some groups that are only available to people who have hired me as their coach. But I’m dedicated to helping everyone I can in at least some capacity, and these other forums will allow me to do that.

I’ll be officially launching these groups over the next few weeks and will have much more information to come. There will be accountability groups, recipe sharing groups, wellness/fitness groups and more! Stay tuned!

The geeky side of me is quite proud to inform you that I completed all of the work on my website all by myself thankyouverymuch! And there were only three sleepless nights of coding involved. Yay me! Um, yup…I’m a geek! …. but one that loves you!

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