Mid-Year Reset & Round-Up

Happy Half Year my friends! 

We’re officially heading into the second half of 2024. How has your first half been? Now would be a great time to reflect on the past six months to celebrate and savor your wins! If you’re new to taking time to reflect, I have some free resources for you below if you’re interested in learning more. 

Note: It can be easy to discount small wins, thinking they may not be significant enough to matter, but they indeed do and should definitely be included during this practice of reflection. 

July can be the perfect time to do a mid-year reset. It’s a great opportunity to look back on goals you may have set at the beginning of the year to check in and see how you’re doing. Maybe you’ll discover there are some goals you set that just aren’t as important to you any more. Or maybe you’ll find there are goals that are really important to you, but you haven’t quite made the progress you’d hoped. Now’s a great time to reflect on all of it. With self-compassion of course. :) By all means, call yourself out in areas where you feel it’s really warranted, but compassion leads to change much more often and much easier than shame.

Now that you’ve taken some time to reflect and reset, you may be looking to set some new goals with new milestones, systems, practices and approaches to achieve them. To help, I took some time over the weekend to create this round-up of all of the free content I’ve created for you the first half of 2024 in case you missed it, or might find any or all of it particularly helpful as you make your way through the second half of 2024.

Note: I’ve been creating free content online to help people for almost two decades now. My regular television appearances doing health and wellness segments started over a decade ago as well. So in addition to this round-up of the first six months of 2024, you’ll find a ton more on my website here, and YouTube Channel here.

I tried to group these in a particular topic, but several definitely crossover into various pillars of wellness. So without further ado, here’s my round-up! 

General Health & Wellness: 


🔁 CHANGE YOUR HABITS: Science of behavior change.




💪🏼 How to start exercising again after years of inactivity.

⏰ How to find time to exercise with a busy schedule.

🔬 What Mayo Clinic & research says about exercise for beginners.  

🔆 GET MOTIVATED: How to find your motivation to workout.

👟 Walking for Weight Loss: A 60 Day Walking Plan

Healthy Eating: 

☕ COFFEE & CAFFEINE : How much is too much?

❤️ Health & Wellness Favorites from Amazon, Walmart & Target

🍪 Healthy Protein Snack & Treat  


🧬 The Science of Gratitude & Building a Gratitude Practice

📗 JOURNAL PROMPTS & Daily Routine for a Meaningful Life

✨ JOURNALS for Happiness, Growth & Meaning


💗 Self Love Tool



🔥 HOW TO BE CONSISTENT: 3 steps for consistency! 

Planning & Productivity: 

📝 My Top 5 Planners for 2024



Aging Well for Women Over 40: 

This is a series I started based on a book published in May of 2024 from Mayo Clinic Press. Here are the first two episodes: 

1️⃣ Episode 1 
2️⃣ Episode 2


In addition to these individual topics, I also share my Monthly Resets which are videos I film each month that include a collection of helpful resources for a happy and healthy life, full of purpose and meaning AND how I use them in my own life. Here are some of the most popular topics I covered in them. 

📒 Planners I use to plan and track my weekly meals and workouts.

📊 Habit Trackers I use to track my Monthly, Weekly & Daily Habits.

📚 Inside my Monthly, Weekly & Daily planning and productivity system.

🪞 My Monthly Reflection Practice + 2 planners with prompts I use.

💸 My Budget, spreadsheet and how I project & track my spending.

🖌️ Journals I use in my evening journaling practice + free digital journal.

That’s it for now, friends. I hope you have an amazing July! And just in case you forgot, I’d like to remind you that whatever it is you’d like to achieve, it’s possible. You got this!

love, b 💗

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