Botox in Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy


botox in breast reconstruction

To anyone who finds my blog because of the journey I’m sharing of my Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy, I wanted to share what I believe to be the reason I’m experiencing a lot less pain than what I hear about from others.

I know everyone tolerates pain differently. Prior to this surgery, I would have never considered myself of having a high tolerance for pain, but I am doing great!

My plastic surgeon used Botox at the time of my immediate reconstruction following my bilateral mastectomy. I was out of the hospital less then 24hours after my surgery and couldn’t believe how little pain I was in. Uncomfortable? Yes. But not a lot of pain.

I took prescribed painkillers for two days and that was it. I really haven’t needed anything at all. Not even for my first fill of the tissues expanders (TE). I received 100ccs in each TE and needed no pain medication at all. I’ve read so many stories of women receiving a lot less leaving them in extreme pain and discomfort.

I don’t know if the rest of my journey will remain as pain free as I am now but I wanted to share this as something to explore with your surgeon if you are having a mastectomy. My hope is that it will save a lot of women from unnecessary pain.

Here is a link that explains the use of the botox in breast reconstruction and a trial of women following their mastectomies. I sure hope this can help others too!!

Botox Helping Breast Cancer Patients

4 thoughts on “Botox in Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy”

  1. So glad that you are feeling well. You are probably feeling alot of relief as well. Think of you often and pray for you every day.
    Your Fairy Blog Mother.

  2. SOOOOO glad you are doing well after all you have been through. I was just thinking of you a couple of days ago and wondering how you were doing. It is great to hear your journey is going so well. Sorry I have to comment anonymous.. I have NO idea why blogger makes me post anonymous… :o( Kim @ A Creative Spirit http://www.acreativespirit.com

  3. I am scheduled for Bilateral Mastectomy 8/9 and have researched Botox for breast muscle. Did Insurane cover the Botox or did you have to pay out of pocket, if so how much?

    1. Hi. Insurance covered it as it was part of my reconstruction. Please know I’m wishing you all the best on your upcoming surgery!

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