First Aid Beauty ‘Power in Pink’

berta lipert

First Aid Beauty ‘Power in Pink’

Posted by b in BLOG 09 Oct 2013


berta lipert

Today is an inspirational challenge to honor or remember your Breast Cancer Hero. And for everyone who does, the wonderful people at First Aid Beauty sent me their top rated Ultra Repair Cream to give away! They let me pick anything I wanted and the choice was easy. The Ultra Repair Cream!

All of my mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries really took a toll on my skin. I also have incredibly sensitive skin with allergic reactions that lead to dermatitis and eczema. I can honestly tell you that I use this cream every single day and have had a tremendous improvement in my skin.

So I was excited to receive this to share it with you and give everyone a chance to win it! If you or your loved one struggles with dry skin, eczema or other skin condition, I’m happy to introduce you to First Aid Beauty.

Now for today’s inspirational challenge. I’d like everyone to honor or remember their Breast Cancer Hero in the comments below. We all know someone affected by breast cancer. So let’s honor or remember our heroes by sharing them with each other today!


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  • Page Adler October 11, 2013 at 12:24 am / Reply

    I honer my grandmother and my stepmother.. they were both very very good women. very loving and warm. I miss them each and everyday. And I also honer my mom who passed away from a different kind of cancer but cancer never the less. I love and miss her very much too.

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